The stage during the "Sea" portion of the show.
   Yesterday, I made a trip to Cedar Point (which I will make a trip report about soon,) and my trip coincided with the official premiere of Luminosity: Ignite the Night!. 
   I did miss the opening portion of the show, because my friend and I were easily distracted by the fact that Raptor was a walk-on, so we took advantage of that instead of rushing to see Luminosity. However, we did make it to see the ending of the "Land" portion of the show.
   Walking up the Main Midway from Raptor to Celebration Plaza was cool, but awkward.  The concrete had lights beamed on it from the steel columns that are standing in the flowerbeds, and all of the buildings, from the Coliseum and the Corral all the way down to Coasters Drive-In, are lit up with lights that change colors systematically. Music can be easily heard down the Main Midway.
   All of this is nice, however, there was no excitement from the few guests on the Midway! The only people on the midway were my friend and I, heading towards Luminosity, and then what seemed like a few people here and there who were exiting the park.  So yes, the Main Midway leading up to the show looked beautiful, but there just wasn't any excitement from the guests to make the experience better.
   And then, the show.  When we first saw the stage, the "Land" segment of the show had just finished, and flames were spewing out of the stage, and fireworks were shooting off.  If you don't know, Luminosity is split into five sections: an opening; a "Land" portion that focuses of travel on land and city life; a "Sea" portion that is based on water and sea creatures;  a "Space" portion that contains aliens and space travel; and then a finale.
   So, one of the first songs I heard was "Set Fire to the Rain," originally by Adele, and the two young women that sang it in Luminosity were great!  I'm sure Adele would be proud of the performance that those two ladies put on during that song.  
   While those two sang, two cirque performers constantly wound and unwound themselves mystically from their large cloth drapes. The cirque performers, along with many dancers, were not actually on the main stage, but were actually on small circular pedestals that are located all around Celebration Plaza. I felt that by placing some of the performers out in the audience, the show was brought up close and personal to the guests, which was a very cool feeling, especially when the water drumming began. Some of the water would fly off of the drums and splash onto some members of the audience.
   Due to Lady Gaga being my favorite musical artist, I paid special attention to the performance of "The Edge of Glory," and the two female singers did great justice to the song.  
   The transitions between songs were very smooth and natural, and were very well done.  
   The performers were also very good at getting the crowd pumped up, and they had a lot of energy.  
   One of the only problems I had with the show was that during some songs that were autotuned when sang by the original artist, the already-amazing performers at Cedar Point were given autotuned microphones, which made them sound like robots.  But, the autotuned microphones were rarely used, so at least the entire show isn't plagued with that problem.  
   I also watched many of the older guests at Cedar Point start flocking out of Celebration Plaza once the program started, but then again, this show really is trying to target younger audiences.
   Overall, I think this is the best shows that Cedar Point has put on in my sixteen years of visiting the park. It is easy to see that Luminosity was a giant step forward from what Cedar Point has been used to.  I have cared about this park for so long, and it's great too finally see something this great come along. And if this show is just a sample of what Mr. Ouimet will do for Cedar Fair and Cedar Point, I can't wait to see what he has planned for years ahead.
   Below, you can see all of the pictures I took yesterday while watching Luminosity: Ignite the Night!.

9/13/2012 11:35:01 am

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