As confirmed by a picture I took on Sunday's trip, the majority of Mean Streak's queue line has been demolished, and has been replaced with a steel structure that will house the park's new HalloWeekends attraction: Eden Musee Wax Museum and Chamber of Horrors.
   Due to Mean Streak's infamous status, most of the ride's queue line sat unused anyway, so this attraction should make a better use out of the area.
   I'm trying to find out if Mean Streak and Eden Musee Wax Museum and Chamber of Horrors are going to share a queue line, or a second queue line will be squeezed next to the existing Mean Streak queue. I hope both attractions operate at the same time; it would be a cool effect.
   Cedar Point is back to breaking records, this time with what will be GateKeeper, a Wing Coaster that will be manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard.  The ride will reach a maximum height of 170 feet tall, and will reach speeds up to 67 miles per hour! 
   According to the ride's official webpage, the ride will feature a Wing-Over Drop, an Immelmann Inversion, a Camelback Hill, a Flat Spin, a Zero-G Roll, an Inclined Dive Loop, an In-Line Roll, a Camelback Drop, and a Spiral turn.
   GateKeeper's station will sit on the former location of Disaster Transport and Space Spiral, and the ride will span across the Main Midway and will flip directly over the Main Gates, bringing a new meaning to a "front gate statement."
   Many of the roller coasters at Cedar Point hold records, or have broken records when they debuted, and GateKeeper is no different. The ride will break the records for the longest drop and ride length of all of the Wing Coasters, and will also be the fastest Wing Coaster in existence.
   GateKeeper is expected to debut in May of 2013, and will be a $30,000,000 investment for the park. 

   Exactly one month after it was announced that Disaster Transport and Space Spiral would be leaving the park for further expansion, Cedar Point will be formally announcing its plans for additions for the 2013 operating season.
   The announcement will happen on Monday, August 13, at 3:30 p.m. in the park, and will also be announced via Facebook, Twitter, and you can even get a text message from Cedar Point with the details of the announcement!
   To get the update sent to you by text message from Cedar Point on Monday, you can text CP13 to 74674. Standard message and data charges apply.
   We will also keep you updated here at Point Place! Once the announcement is released, we will instantly relay it here on the blog at Point Place!

   I am also going to Cedar Point tomorrow, and will make sure to get plenty more pictures for this website, so we can get one step closer to being a completed fan-site!

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