This post on NewsPlusNotes shows some pictures from the slideshow presentation at Cedar Point on Saturday when guests of the Pointbuzz community got an exclusive off-season look at the park.  Although I couldn't attend myself, after reviewing some videos from the presentations, I can tell you some great details about Luminosity, the park's all-new light and sound show.
   The show requires a new stage and the removal of the currently white-screen that is standing in the midway for the park's last light and sound shows, American Portrait and Hot Summer Lights! The new stage and show will completely re-shape the Million Dollar Midway into Celebration Plaza: an area described by Lee Alexakos that "families can enjoy together."
   The new stage will be building adjacent to Coasters, in front of Iron Dragon's final brake run.  To make way for the stage, Iron Dragon's queue line will be re-located next to the ride's exit gate.  
   In daylight hours, the Luminosity stage will be home to a new Peanuts-themed show, while the Good Time Theatre across the plaza will be home to an all-new Snoopy ice skating show.
   At night, the park will come alive.  New lighting packages will be displayed on Millennium Force, Power Tower, and Giant Wheel, bringing the rides back to their glory days and back to date with WindSeeker in terms of lighting.  In the presentation, Alexakos stated Luminosity: Ignite the Night would being around 9 P.M., and will brighten the atmosphere even more, with live show of over 25 dancers, 3 drummers, 2 cirque performers, and 2 D.J.'s that will entertain guests with over 40 minutes of lights, fireworks, and music.  According to a list shown at the presentations, songs from Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Adele, Jay-Z, the cast of "Glee," Maroon 5, and my personal favorite, Lady Gaga, will be played during the performance, among other artists.
   During the show, the Main Midway will be another area to check out.  The entire main midway will be completely fitted with a new music and lighting system, including lighting elements of the Coliseum and Snoopy Boutique.  Moving lights shaped like Peanuts characters will also be shone down on the walkways on the Main Midway.
   With all of these improvements, along with the pre-existing Starlight Experience, Cedar Point will never sleep! 
   I'm so overjoyed that Mr. Ouimet is quickly making many improvements to make Cedar Point better than it already was, and is bringing back great elements of the park that Mr. Kinzel let fade away years ago, and eliminating the problems of the park that Mr. Kinzel seemed to ignore time and time again.  Seeing the park in such a great condition will definitely be something amazing this summer.

   According to a tweet sent out yesterday by Cedar Point's General Manager, John Hildebrandt, three rides at Cedar Point and one attraction at Soak City are receiving paint jobs over this off-season.  Millennium Force will have its paint job finished, while the Giant Wheel, the tube slides in Soak City, and Blue Streak will also be painted.

   The Giant Wheel has been needing a good overhaul lately, and luckily it will be getting just that.  Earlier this year, Hildebrandt announced that the attraction will also be getting a new light package as well as the paint job.  This is all great news that Mr. Ouimet is here to fix some of the problems that Mr. Kinzel failed to recognize during his last years of employment at Cedar Fair.
   The news program on channel thirteen out of Toledo, Ohio got an amazing interview with Cedar Fair's new and stunning CEO, Matt Ouimet.  This is the link to the video:

   Personally, I believe that Mr. Ouimet will be one of the best things to come to Cedar Fair yet.  He has a great attitude and seems very hopeful for the future.  What do you all think?  
   Cedar Point General Manager, John Hildebrandt, has recently started an account on Twitter, and he has stated that the white screen that American Portrait was shown on during the 2011 season, and Hot Summer Lights in earlier seasons, is scheduled to come down.  The removal of this screen should clear up the sky around the Million Dollar Midway, and should give a great view of the Frontier Trail and Millennium Force!

   I'm actually quite excited about this change, and the announcement of the new light show: Luminosity, along with Fast Lane, a Walt Disney World-inspired Fastpass-like system that virtually waits in line for you while you continue your way around the park.  Then when your turn is up, you can return to the ride and hop right on without waiting.  However, this feature comes at a price.  Although Cedar Point has not released their prices for Fast Lane, Kings Island, one of Cedar Point's sister parks, has released their prices for the feature, which is advertised as "for as low as $35" on Saturdays.  

   The park hasn't even opened for it's first season under the control of the new CEO of Cedar Fair, Matthew Ouimet, and he has made significant changes already, and most of them are for the best.  Who knows what great heights Mr. Ouimet can take Cedar Point, as well as the other Cedar Fair parks within the next few years.
   Welcome to the new blog and website everyone.  I strategically chose Weebly as a new hosting site for the blog due to its great flexibility and amazing features.  I hope this transformation will better your Cedar Point blog experience!

   Sometime soon, pages will be popping up for all of the rides, roller coasters, and park features and history.  I hope to make this website more of a website and blog combination rather than strictly a blog, as well.

   Well, here we go: The new chapter of my Cedar Point blogging book.

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