Cedar Point General Manager, John Hildebrandt, has recently started an account on Twitter, and he has stated that the white screen that American Portrait was shown on during the 2011 season, and Hot Summer Lights in earlier seasons, is scheduled to come down.  The removal of this screen should clear up the sky around the Million Dollar Midway, and should give a great view of the Frontier Trail and Millennium Force!

   I'm actually quite excited about this change, and the announcement of the new light show: Luminosity, along with Fast Lane, a Walt Disney World-inspired Fastpass-like system that virtually waits in line for you while you continue your way around the park.  Then when your turn is up, you can return to the ride and hop right on without waiting.  However, this feature comes at a price.  Although Cedar Point has not released their prices for Fast Lane, Kings Island, one of Cedar Point's sister parks, has released their prices for the feature, which is advertised as "for as low as $35" on Saturdays.  

   The park hasn't even opened for it's first season under the control of the new CEO of Cedar Fair, Matthew Ouimet, and he has made significant changes already, and most of them are for the best.  Who knows what great heights Mr. Ouimet can take Cedar Point, as well as the other Cedar Fair parks within the next few years.

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