According to Toledo's 13abc Action News, WindSeeker at Cedar Point, along with all of the other WindSeeker rides at Cedar Fair parks, will be closed temporarily so mechanics can complete a full ride inspection. 
   This news comes after an identical ride at Knott's Berry Farm malfunction while the circle of swings was at the top of the ride's tower, and left riders stranded for more than three hours. 
   Early this morning, Cedar Point officials taped the demolition of Space Spiral, and posted it on YouTube.
   The demolition process was a simple controlled explosion at the base of the ride. 
   The cabin of the ride sat near the top of the ride for the final time as the ride slowly tipped to the ground. 
   Feel free to share your memories of Space Spiral, but we can also all see this as another step closer to seeing construction of GateKeeper!
   You can read more about the history of Space Spiral on its own page here on Point Place.
   We will also keep you updated throughout the GateKeeper construction process here on the blog and Facebook!
   Today, Toledo's 13abc Action News released on their website that they were told by park officials that Space Spiral will be torn down next week while the park is not in operation. Here is the direct quote from the website:

"After 47 years, the Space Spiral will be torn down to make room for a new rides at Cedar Point. Park leaders say it will come down sometime next week when the park is closed, but they haven't determined the exact date and time. The Space Spiral has been in operation since 1965 and is being torn down along with the Disaster Transport ride to make way for the new Gatekeeper roller coaster. Gatekeeper will be the park's first new coaster since the Maverick in 2007. It is expected to be ready to be roll at the beginning of the 2013 season."
   As confirmed by a picture I took on Sunday's trip, the majority of Mean Streak's queue line has been demolished, and has been replaced with a steel structure that will house the park's new HalloWeekends attraction: Eden Musee Wax Museum and Chamber of Horrors.
   Due to Mean Streak's infamous status, most of the ride's queue line sat unused anyway, so this attraction should make a better use out of the area.
   I'm trying to find out if Mean Streak and Eden Musee Wax Museum and Chamber of Horrors are going to share a queue line, or a second queue line will be squeezed next to the existing Mean Streak queue. I hope both attractions operate at the same time; it would be a cool effect.
   Cedar Point is back to breaking records, this time with what will be GateKeeper, a Wing Coaster that will be manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard.  The ride will reach a maximum height of 170 feet tall, and will reach speeds up to 67 miles per hour! 
   According to the ride's official webpage, the ride will feature a Wing-Over Drop, an Immelmann Inversion, a Camelback Hill, a Flat Spin, a Zero-G Roll, an Inclined Dive Loop, an In-Line Roll, a Camelback Drop, and a Spiral turn.
   GateKeeper's station will sit on the former location of Disaster Transport and Space Spiral, and the ride will span across the Main Midway and will flip directly over the Main Gates, bringing a new meaning to a "front gate statement."
   Many of the roller coasters at Cedar Point hold records, or have broken records when they debuted, and GateKeeper is no different. The ride will break the records for the longest drop and ride length of all of the Wing Coasters, and will also be the fastest Wing Coaster in existence.
   GateKeeper is expected to debut in May of 2013, and will be a $30,000,000 investment for the park. 

   Exactly one month after it was announced that Disaster Transport and Space Spiral would be leaving the park for further expansion, Cedar Point will be formally announcing its plans for additions for the 2013 operating season.
   The announcement will happen on Monday, August 13, at 3:30 p.m. in the park, and will also be announced via Facebook, Twitter, and you can even get a text message from Cedar Point with the details of the announcement!
   To get the update sent to you by text message from Cedar Point on Monday, you can text CP13 to 74674. Standard message and data charges apply.
   We will also keep you updated here at Point Place! Once the announcement is released, we will instantly relay it here on the blog at Point Place!

   I am also going to Cedar Point tomorrow, and will make sure to get plenty more pictures for this website, so we can get one step closer to being a completed fan-site!

Today, Cedar Point confirmed today via Facebook that both Disaster Transport and Space Spiral will in fact be removed this season to make way for something big...

"Something big is happening. Disaster Transport & Space Spiral will be dismantled this season to make space for @!!$!(*%%. We're sad to see them go, but are excited as we fly into the future. Stay tuned for more!"

The "@!!$!(*%%" in that quote is rumored to be a new Bolliger & Mabillard wing coaster, that would debut for the 2013 operating season. Judging by the phrase "[we] are excited as we fly into the future," the rumored wing coaster has been green-lighted.  They are going to release new details later, which will confirm or deny these rumors.

It was announced at CoasterMania that Disaster Transport's last operational day will be July 29, 2012, yet there is no word on Space Spiral's last day of operation. So if you'd like some last pictures or rides, you should make it to the park before that date.

   Hello readers!
   Just thought I'd stop by on the blog to apologize for the lack of updates recently. As you can tell, I switched the website's template and theme, and I have been quietly plugging away at finishing up some pages here on the website.
   I plan on making a trip out to Cedar Point with a friend next week, so be expecting pictures!
   And for anybody who made it out to see Carly Rae Jepsen perform tonight, how was it? For those of you who went, I hope you had a great time!
   In preparation for the upcoming appearance by Carly Rae Jepsen, the folks at Cedar Point have released this video on YouTube, showing a plethora of Cedar Point's employees lip-syncing to Jepsen's hit song, "Call Me Maybe," while running through the park! It's a pretty cool video!
   Carly Rae Jepsen will be appearing in the park on Saturday, July 7, 2012 and performing a concert on the Celebration Plaza stage at 7 p.m.  The concert will be free with admission to the park!  Don't miss this great opportunity to see Jepsen perform live!
   Luminosity: Ignite the Night! will also be performed as normal on July 7!
The stage during the "Sea" portion of the show.
   Yesterday, I made a trip to Cedar Point (which I will make a trip report about soon,) and my trip coincided with the official premiere of Luminosity: Ignite the Night!. 
   I did miss the opening portion of the show, because my friend and I were easily distracted by the fact that Raptor was a walk-on, so we took advantage of that instead of rushing to see Luminosity. However, we did make it to see the ending of the "Land" portion of the show.
   Walking up the Main Midway from Raptor to Celebration Plaza was cool, but awkward.  The concrete had lights beamed on it from the steel columns that are standing in the flowerbeds, and all of the buildings, from the Coliseum and the Corral all the way down to Coasters Drive-In, are lit up with lights that change colors systematically. Music can be easily heard down the Main Midway.
   All of this is nice, however, there was no excitement from the few guests on the Midway! The only people on the midway were my friend and I, heading towards Luminosity, and then what seemed like a few people here and there who were exiting the park.  So yes, the Main Midway leading up to the show looked beautiful, but there just wasn't any excitement from the guests to make the experience better.
   And then, the show.  When we first saw the stage, the "Land" segment of the show had just finished, and flames were spewing out of the stage, and fireworks were shooting off.  If you don't know, Luminosity is split into five sections: an opening; a "Land" portion that focuses of travel on land and city life; a "Sea" portion that is based on water and sea creatures;  a "Space" portion that contains aliens and space travel; and then a finale.
   So, one of the first songs I heard was "Set Fire to the Rain," originally by Adele, and the two young women that sang it in Luminosity were great!  I'm sure Adele would be proud of the performance that those two ladies put on during that song.  
   While those two sang, two cirque performers constantly wound and unwound themselves mystically from their large cloth drapes. The cirque performers, along with many dancers, were not actually on the main stage, but were actually on small circular pedestals that are located all around Celebration Plaza. I felt that by placing some of the performers out in the audience, the show was brought up close and personal to the guests, which was a very cool feeling, especially when the water drumming began. Some of the water would fly off of the drums and splash onto some members of the audience.
   Due to Lady Gaga being my favorite musical artist, I paid special attention to the performance of "The Edge of Glory," and the two female singers did great justice to the song.  
   The transitions between songs were very smooth and natural, and were very well done.  
   The performers were also very good at getting the crowd pumped up, and they had a lot of energy.  
   One of the only problems I had with the show was that during some songs that were autotuned when sang by the original artist, the already-amazing performers at Cedar Point were given autotuned microphones, which made them sound like robots.  But, the autotuned microphones were rarely used, so at least the entire show isn't plagued with that problem.  
   I also watched many of the older guests at Cedar Point start flocking out of Celebration Plaza once the program started, but then again, this show really is trying to target younger audiences.
   Overall, I think this is the best shows that Cedar Point has put on in my sixteen years of visiting the park. It is easy to see that Luminosity was a giant step forward from what Cedar Point has been used to.  I have cared about this park for so long, and it's great too finally see something this great come along. And if this show is just a sample of what Mr. Ouimet will do for Cedar Fair and Cedar Point, I can't wait to see what he has planned for years ahead.
   Below, you can see all of the pictures I took yesterday while watching Luminosity: Ignite the Night!.

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